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Re: Tall Croc Tales (was Sauropod Necks As Weapons)

>and involve a high blood alcohol content.

Aha! *Drunken* crocs. :-)

This might explain the docile behavio(u)r of the tee-totaler, good Moslem,
Indian Mugger crocodiles I studied around the villages alongside the Bampur
River in easternmost Iranian Baluchistan. Kids swam, and village women
washed clothes, in the river with no fear of attack.

We estimated the local population of these very shy Muggers -- the
westernmost-known examples of the species -- to be about 200, and I
documented evidence of viable juveniles by their fresh footprints.

Unfortunately, my notes, photos, measurements, and hard data perished in the
Iranian revolution.

-= Tuck =-