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Re: Tall Croc Tales (was Sauropod Necks As Weapons)

Could someone please explain to me just when a croc uses its tail  unbalance  prey. Do they charge out of the water in reverse swipe  knock prey off  its feet then quickly turn around to grab it with the jaws and then pull it back in the water?  Or do they first grab with the jaws then come  onto the bank and while still holding onto the animal turn 180 deg., swipe the tail then turn again to pull it into the water? Seems to me like a lot fo energy used here. Would it not be simpler and more efficient to just hang on to the prey and wait fo shock/blood loss to do its work? I have seen a 17 footer take a cow and to me this method  was very effective.

Regards LMD.
>From: "Adam Britton"
>Reply-To: abritton@wmi.com.au
>To: , "DML"
>Subject: Re: Tall Croc Tales (was Sauropod Necks As Weapons)
>Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 16:53:57 +0930
>From: "Dann Pigdon"
> > I've also heard that the tail swipe is the favored method of preying on
> > humans. When crocs ambush a large quadruped by the waters edge, they
> > typically aim for the head. In an upright human this can be difficult.
> > Rumours in Queensland have it that some crocs have taken to using the
> > tail swipe specifically to hunt humans.

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