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Re: Tall Croc Tales (was Sauropod Necks As Weapons)

From: "luke ber" <lmdart@msn.com>
>>> Could someone please explain to me just when a croc uses its tail
unbalance  prey.<<<

Pending alleged observations from an unknown source in Queensland, in my
honest opinion these reports are not valid. In most cases the crocodile
attacks head-first with jaws agape, the tail helping propel the body
forwards at speed - hardly a position from which to knock anything over. In
a few instances when dealing with smaller prey (usually those in the water)
the crocodile may swipe sideways with its head. On land, exaggerated swipes
with the head (normally in defence) can be accompanied by a similar movement
with the tail to create a "C" shape with the body - probably as a
counterbalance, perhaps even to limit a potential prey's escape route as
head and tail converge. But an attempt to knock over large mammals? Maybe
accidentally, but there are no valid reports (yet) of this being used as a
hunting strategy.

HP Dann Pigdon mentions rumours of crocodiles in Queensland using the tail
to attack humans, but to date no documented crocodile attacks mention this.
I say this with some confidence as I'm co-authoring a paper on croc attacks
in Australia.

None of this has much to do with sauropod necks anymore, but it's been fun.

Adam Britton