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Chinese taxa

I have acquired, from Beijing, numerous publications:
Gao Yuhui, 1999. A complete carnosaur skeleton from
Zigong, Sichuan: Yangchuanosaurus hepingensis,
100pp.[Chinese with English abstract] However, the
publisher is not specified in English. Does anyone
know? The ISBN is 7-5364-4306-4
He Chengzhi, Cheng Zhengwu, Pang Qiqing, Fang Xiasoi,
2001. Shangtungosaurus giganteus, 139pp [Chinese with
English abstract] Publisher not specified in English.
ISBN is 7-116-03472-2
Tang Feng, Jing Xingscheng, Kang Ximin, Zhang Guojun,
2001. Omeisaurus maoioanus: a complete Sauropoda from
Jingyan, Sichuan (China Ocean Press), 128pp [Chinese
with English abstract]
Hou Lianhai, Zhou Zhonghe, 2000. Picture book of
Chinese fossil birds (Yunnan Science & Technology
Press), 89pp [Chinese & English] The restorations are
quite beautiful
Hou Lianhai, Zhou Zhonghe, Zhang Fucheng, Gu Yucai,
2002. Mesozoic birds from western Lianoning in China
(Liaoning Science & Technology Publishing House),
120pp [Chinese with English abstract; bibliography:
Chinese papers cited in Chinese, all others in
English]. The volume (hardbound with a dustjacket!)
introduces a new taxon: Jinzhouornus, type J.
yixianensis, and a second species J. zhangjiyingia (a
magnificent specimen on a slab, the type sp., however,
not being as complete). Another new species is
mentioned in the abstract (Cathayornis aberransis),
but not in the table-of-contents, and is described on
pp. 76-77 with a colour photo (fig. 47), IVPP V12353,
a skull and skeleton on a slab.
Liaoxiornithiformes/Liaoxiornithidae are introduced
for Liaoxiornis in Ornithurae. The colour plates
throughout this volume of the specimens are stunning
in detail and quality, but none of the figures and
plates are labelled in English, and the English
abstract, while clear in its intent (despite the
panoramic array of evidence in their museums, the
authors just cannot seem to shake the idea that
feathered theropods are different from their feathered
"birds"..., which mars their taxonomies) is not
especially thorough in detailing what is in the book.
One final comment: each photo and figure have, of
course, scale bars...and what is interesting is how
very small these dinosaurs are.

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