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William Stout

William Stout -- who has kept the memories of
Rountree, CRK, Coll alive in the hearts of
dinosaurologists -- has a new Charles R. Knight
sketchbook available.
And my own 'Alfred Russel Wallace's KING KONG', now @
20% completed, has Bill Stout's best kongophile art
throughout its pages (as well as Crichton/Harryhausen
inspired dinosaurs).
For those who yearn to see Willis O'Brien's dinosaurs,
it should be noted that the Museum of Natural History
in Los Angeles has OBie's original 1933 scrapbook for
SON OF KONG -- a film which should not have been --
which has pages of incredible Marcel Delgado photos of
the styracosaur and the sauropod (fleetingly seen at
the film's end). The Ruth Rose script's ending has a
dinosaur stampede -- OBie wanted to reconjure his 1925
dinosaur stampede, with the bigger, better designed
Delgado puppets. It never came to be, primarily
because RKO wanted to maximize profits by doing a
minimized cartoon-like "quickie".
FrameStore's two forthcoming BBC specials are spectacular.

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