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Re: Dinosaur Genera List update #196

What exactly is this Dinosaur Catalogue? Is it something similar to Mesozoic
Meanderings but with specimen numbers included as well as species names?

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Subject: Dinosaur Genera List update #196

> For Arundel paleopersons: In compiling The Dinosaur Catalogue, when I
> Allosaurus medius I discovered several anomalies and inconsistencies in
> literature on Arundel Formation theropods. So I carefully went over the
> relevant articles (primarily Lull, 1911 and Gilmore, 1920) and I believe I
> now have all the specimen numbers straight. Some of the species names will
> have to be changed, which I'll do in either The Dinosaur Catalogue or the
> second printing of Mesozoic Meanderings #3, whichever is ready first. I
> prepared a short table of specimens, mainly at the US National Museum,
> currently referable to Arundel theropod species (it excludes specimens
> currently referred to unnamed Arundel theropod species), and anyone who
> like to review this table (additions and corrections most welcome) please
> contact me off list.
> Here's wishing everyone on my list of DGL Update recipients a most
> 2002 holiday season and brightest of prospects for the coming new year!
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