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Re: AMNH dinosaur floorplan

Y'know, memory is an awfully limited thing, at least mine is.  I grew up
four blocks from the AMNH, was born in 1961, and spent more time there than
I'd care to admit, even serving as a volunteer during my two final years of
high school, and now I find that I'm vague about the exact placements of the
There were two primary dinosaur rooms, as I recall. One certainly started
with "Brontosaurus", and contained a rather vivid Allosaurus mount, eating a
chunk off a reclining skeleton and a Stegosaurus. The T-Rex room started
with some hadrosaurs, and finished as you said with a T. Rex standing next
to a Triceratops. There's a picture in the AMNH Book of Dinoasaurs showing a
mounted T. Rex being photographed by a man on a scaffold, but the text
doesn't make it clear which museum this mount is from, although it looks
very similar to the AMNH. If it is the AMNH, the plate is flipped, because
the Triceratops is/was on the other side of the rex.
There's a movie called "Journey to the Beginning of Time", a cheapo
retitling of a Czech documentary with some footage shot in the US that has,
as part of that footage, quite a few shots of the AMNH at about that time.
Unfortunately, because of the dark lighting, it's very hard to get a clear
idea of the actual layout, although there is one dramatic shot of the rex
skeleton in all its tail-dragging glory..
Sorry I can't be of more help, and please take all these recollections with
a grain of salt....