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Re: pterosaurs, bats, flying theropods (fwd)

> Here in Australia, diurnal raptors will also prey on 
> bats. They hover around the entrance to the bats' cave 
> around sunset, when there is
> enough light for them to see, but it is dim enough for bats to emerge.
> Snakes will also perch themselves on rock walls at the cave mouth, and
> strike out at the bats as they fly past. 

This happens in North America as well; prairie falcons and 
some hawks species will dive at emerging bats.  The window 
of time is small though, so mortality is probably not 
terribly high.

As for snakes, well, not much bats can do about that.  
Boids can hit prey in any light conditions, including 
darkness.  Puerto Rican boas are good at this, as well 
(also good at hitting human hands, I can say from 

Mike Habib