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Re: Dinosaur Genera List update #196

I wrote:

<< But it's not about the origin of flight. *Jeholornis* and its likely 
junior synonym *Shenzhouraptor* are, despite their bony tails, more
"avian" in their anatomy than is *Archaeopteryx*, including the sternal,
coracoidal, and pelvic elements. The wrist and manus design are also
similarly far advanced than *Archaeopteryx*, a design more in kin with
*Confuciusornis*, which does not appear in the catalogue if I remember
correctly. *Archaeovolans*, similarly, has been synonymized with
*Yanornis* (well, its not named but the holotype with the appelation
"Archaeoraptor" was, which Czerckas and Xu named *Archaeovolans* in an
earlier publication which was not seen by the synonymizing authors) which
is most likely a basal ornithurine. >>

and George Olshevsky (Dinogeorge@aol.com) wrote:

  May I ask why? Granted, I only allow the possibility of the
*Shenzhouraptor* synonymy with *Jeholornis*, but from several different
perspectives, *Archaeovolans* synonymy with *Yanornis* has been supported
or reflected from several different perspectives, including Zhang and
Zhou, Czerkas in an editorial to his own book, and even work onlist with
reflecting by Mickey Mortimer's own offhand observations. I am curious
what the other side would have to say or support using separating these

> I'm not yet convinced of any of this.

Jaime A. Headden

  Little steps are often the hardest to take.  We are too used to making leaps 
in the face of adversity, that a simple skip is so hard to do.  We should all 
learn to walk soft, walk small, see the world around us rather than zoom by it.

"Innocent, unbiased observation is a myth." --- P.B. Medawar (1969)

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