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Re:new 2001 sp. of Tyrannosaurus erected

Stephan Pickering wrote

Subject: Chinese taxa citations, new 2001 sp. of Tyrannosaurus erected

Hu Chengzi, who discovered and originally (named) the taxon in
1973, describes  in this new monograph (Chinese text
pages 39-41,English abstract pages 125-126) four
isolated teeth

How large, and from what formation and age? The Subashi, the Wangshi series or Pingling?

and a 531mm long right metatarsal IV,
giving them the name Tyrannosaurus zhuchengensis sp.
nov. (pl.18 figs. 2 [metatarsal] and 4-6 [3 teeth]).
Two teeth are illustrated in the text figs. 3-1 and
3-2, the metarsal fig. 3-3. I have carefully gone
through the text, finding no catalogue number for
Tyrannosaurus zhuchengensis, but am assuming it has
been given a GVM number. I find nothing diagnostic
about the theropod material.

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