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Bird/Dino Definitions

HP Ralph Miller observed:
_Shenzhouraptor_ and _Jeholornis_ are described as birds (avian dinosaurs).
Jaime Headden suspects that they should perhaps be considered congeneric.
spite of cranial similarities to oviraptorosaurs, _Omnivoropteryx_ is also
described as an avian dinosaur (a bird).

The struggles with terminology in trying to include dinosaurian ancestry
when referring to birds are apparent.  The categories being used include
- dinosaurs
- dinosaurs with bird features (dino-birds, as I read others' comments)
- birds with dino features (bird-dinos, if you like)
- birds
using vernacular styling.
The definitional intricacies are substantial, but just taking these
categories as concepts, assuming they can be successfully defined in some
way, you can see how trying to lump them together in a single term is
arduous.  The problem is identifying way stations in a gradual morphing from
one state to another.
I suggest that for simplicity in informal discussions we might use the dino,
dino-bird, bird-dino, bird gradations.
To me, the most ambiguous time, near the beginning of this morphing process,
is a tough place to rest a definition/diagnosis.  But I'll bring that high
horse back to his stall.