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Re: Dinosaur Calendar Contest Winner(s) - 1

The first of the co-winners is Luc Bailly (aspidel@wanadoo.be), who has 
kindly granted permission to reprint his entry:

I found the ref of the DML as I was signing HP Dan Bensen's guestbook. I
subscribed just some days before the Paralititan thread. At the end of the
thread, I posted some questions. I've been very surprised the EgyptDinos
team emailed me back. They were very kind with me, they sent me all the
informations I needed, and accepted the drawing now on display on the
EgyptDinos site. This made my artwork a real paleoart project.

With the DML I learned how to make my drawings more accurate, and some
members helped me to choose some books.
"Step by step", as writes HP Jaime Headden.

I have also contacts off-list now with other amateurs, and, with the DML (a
HP Chris Srnka's post), I've been able to subscribe a cool paleo message

But I still had to learn I had to set my firewall: now my browser can't open
a webpage containing the following words: "fossils to sell" ;)

Greetings, Best Wishes - Luc J. "Aspidel" BAILLY.