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Re: new 2001 sp. of Tyrannosaurus erected

In a message dated 12/28/02 6:01:26 AM EST, msdonovan66@hotmail.com writes:

<< How large, and from what formation and age? The Subashi, the Wangshi 
 series or Pingling? >>

Here is The Dinosaur Catalogue entry for this species:

?Tarbosaurus zhuchengensis (Hu, Cheng, Pang & Fang, 2002) n. comb.
    Tyrannosaurus zhuchengensis Hu, Cheng, Pang & Fang, 2000: Original name
    Upper Cretaceous > Cenomanian/Campanian > Wangshi Gr. > upper Xingezhuang 
Fm. > grayish-green conglomeratic sandstone
    Asia > China > Shandong Prov. > Zhucheng Co. > Lübiao District > 1 km N 
of Kugou village > Longgujian gully [alternative spellings: Shantung Prov. > 
Chucheng Co. > Lupiao Commune district > Lungkuchian gully, between 
Hsichiantun and Koukou]
    National Geological Museum of China (catalogue numbers unpublished): 
Three isolated teeth and right metatarsal IV (syntypes)
    Hypodigm APK:1/2: Syntype specimens only, collected from the type 
locality of Shantungosaurus giganteus, referred provisionally to 
Tyrannosaurus rex by Hu, 1973

I referred this species to Tarbosaurus since I still recognize no 
Tyrannosaurus species in Asia. Note that it is a rather early tyrannosaurid, 
more than a dozen My older than Tyrannosaurus, although precise dating is not 
available, and so might actually represent a new tyrannosaurid genus. But 
much more of the skeleton needs to be available before it can be properly