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Welcome to this edition of  DINOSAURNEWS.

In 2002 we brought you 740 dinosaur stories of international interest -  in
2003 we'll bring you 750 more!

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The headlines:

**  Joan Wiffen - dinosaur hunter
The Lost Dinosaurs of New Zealand is the remarkable story of the discovery
of the New Zealand dinosaurs by 68-year-old housewife-turned-scientist, Joan

**  Feature Site: The digging season 2002
News of activities from the dinosaur museum Aathal. Look also at their
dinosaurs on tour  to Tokyo, Brussells and Basel

**  'Dinosaur' will roam free in Disney park
An unseen operator will guide the dinosaur's movements, allowing it to
respond to guests.

**  Oldest 'complex life' form found in Newfoundland
The fossilized creatures, called charnia but more commonly known as seapens,
were among the first "definitive" animals to evolve

**  The Giant Claw: A Walking With Dinosaurs Special
In The Giant Claw, zoologist and adventurer Nigel Marven goes back in time,
75 million years ago, on a pre-historic safari in search of the legendary
Therizinosaurus (from the BBC)


**  Dinosaur Cannibal?-Mystery in New Mexico
It's not easy rescuing a reputation that's been trashed, especially if the
subject has been dead for more than 200 million years

**  Utah Dinos May Have Been Killed by Drought
Drought - not the perils of a muddy bog - may explain why millions of years
ago hundreds of large, lumbering meat-eating cousins to Tyrannosaurus rex

**  Bone Diggers - celebrating the thrill of the find
Part of Burns' job is to get his knees dirty scouting out gravel pits for
his fossils - they're good places for such things - and he's had good
results unearthing pieces of skeletons from pits

**  Cuban Dinosaur: First Confirmed Remains Discovered Scientists from Cuba
and Argentina have uncovered the first positively identified dinosaur
remains ever found in Cuba


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