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Re: new 2001 sp. of Tyrannosaurus erected

In a message dated 12/28/02 6:29:53 PM EST, stefanpickering2002@yahoo.com 

<< Hu Chengzhi only found the teeth (?3, ?4;
 judging by the measurements in the Chinese text, there
 appears to be 4, unless I am mis-reading the sets of
 measurements) and the metatarsal, nothing more. >>

I rechecked and there are four teeth and a metatarsal IV, not three. At first 
reading I thought the 4 in the text referred to the total number of 
specimens. Only three teeth are illustrated (two in both photos and line 
drawings, a third in photo only), however. They do seem to be tyrannosaurid 
teeth with respect to cross-section shape and serrations, except perhaps the 
tooth with the strongly recurved tip. The teeth appear to be shed crowns and 
thus surely do not belong to the individual represented by the metatarsal IV. 
The latter is well over a foot long (but shorter than that of an adult T. 
rex), very robust, and complete.