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Re: new 2001 sp. of Tyrannosaurus erected

From: Dinogeorge@aol.com

In a message dated 12/28/02 6:01:26 AM EST, msdonovan66@hotmail.com writes:

<< How large, and from what formation and age? The Subashi, the Wangshi
 series or Pingling? >>

Here is The Dinosaur Catalogue entry for this species:

?Tarbosaurus zhuchengensis (Hu, Cheng, Pang & Fang, 2002) n. comb.
Tyrannosaurus zhuchengensis Hu, Cheng, Pang & Fang, 2000: Original name
Upper Cretaceous > Cenomanian/Campanian > Wangshi Gr. > upper Xingezhuang

Is that stratigraphically higher than the Wangshi formation in the Laiyang area of Shandong, which yielded Tsintaosaurus, Tanius etc, but neither Shantungosaurus nor tyrannosaurs (C. fragilis may not even be theropod)AFAICT, from a figure from Young 1958.

grayish-green conglomeratic sandstone
Asia > China > Shandong Prov. > Zhucheng Co. > Lübiao District > 1 km N
of Kugou village > Longgujian gully [alternative spellings: Shantung Prov. >
Chucheng Co. > Lupiao Commune district > Lungkuchian gully, between
Hsichiantun and Koukou]
National Geological Museum of China (catalogue numbers unpublished):
Three isolated teeth and right metatarsal IV (syntypes)
Hypodigm APK:1/2: Syntype specimens only, collected from the type
locality of Shantungosaurus giganteus, referred provisionally to
Tyrannosaurus rex by Hu, 1973

I referred this species to Tarbosaurus since I still recognize no
Tyrannosaurus species in Asia. Note that it is a rather early tyrannosaurid,
more than a dozen My older than Tyrannosaurus,

The Wangshi series and Shiluut Ula have both yielded Pinacosaurus, and Shiluut Ula has been dated at c 73 Ma, IIRC. That is still too old for T. bataar or rex, but is this Xingezhuang formation in Zucheng county younger than the Laiyang exposures which yielded the other taxa? Or has it also yielded Tsintaosaurus etc?

although precise dating is not
available, and so might actually represent a new tyrannosaurid genus. But
much more of the skeleton needs to be available before it can be properly

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