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Re: pterosaurs, bats, flying theropods

I have no experience with megabats.

Throughout Iran and Pakistan, I often set "mist nets" to capture
night-flying microchiropterans flying around my campsites. Truth to tell, I
was more apt than the bats to be entangled in the mesh. Tossed, burning,
cigarette butts were effective in attracting some unlucky individuals, but
daytime visits to caves in the Iranian Zagros Mountains (complete with
knee-deep guano and respiratory complications) proved most productive and
supplied the Smithsonian Institution with the bulk of my Iranian bat

Earlier, in southwestern USA, my attempts at bat collecting were limited to
swinging a snake-stick (I'm  basically a herpetologist) around camp at
night. Numerous North American broken-winged bat specimens in the
Smithsonian's collections owe their origins to me on this account.

Later, in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, all bats pretty much successfully
evaded me; the tropical forests were too thick, and my aim was sloppy.

-= Tuck =-