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Re: bats

Original Message by Brian Lauret Sunday, 29. December 2002 15:20 
> >http://www.cmnh.org/dinoarch/1999May/msg00287.html mentions a symposium
> >volume in Systematic Biology. The only changes that have happened since is
> >that Atlantogenata is now commonly regarded as paraphyletic,
> How do edentates,afrotheres and laurasiatheres then relate to each other?

In the latest few trees Afrotheria is basal.

               |    |--Lagomorpha
               |    `--Rodentia
                    |--Scandentia = Tupaiidae****

* Sometimes given a name that begins with Exafro- or Exafrico- (both in 
Waddell et al.). As if anyone would need it.
** Edentata is the diphyletic group Xenarthra + Pholidota.
*** That's what Waddell et al. call them. Murphy et al. say Euarchontoglires. 
**** Sometimes they hop around a bit, e. g. come out as basalmost Glires or 
basalmost Supraprimates. In Waddell et al. their placement, as shown, is 
pretty firm, or so they say (Waddell et al., not the tree shrews).