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"DIG A DINO" in Brussels, Belgium, was: * The Digging Season * DINOSAURNEWS.ORG

> From: "Roger Smith"
> >
> > **  Feature Site: The digging season 2002
> > News of activities from the dinosaur museum Aathal. Look also at their
> > dinosaurs on tour  to Tokyo, Brussels and Basel.

Hi all,

Yesterday, I've been to Brussels to see the exhibition "Dig a Dino":
http://www.naturalsciences.be/expos/dadsite/index_html . It's worth visiting
for who's gonna travel through Belgium. It's an exhibition for common
people, but there are some reports about the Belgian team (like Olorotitan
archarensis Bolotsky & Godefroit, fom the Amur valley, Russia - no remains
exposed, just photos from the dig), and the fossils are well enhanced by
light effects. Photos, and even flash, are allowed.

Some are displayed mounted, others are displayed partially prepared, and
another (Apatosaurus) still partially in plaster. There are casts of
Tyrannosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Archaeopteryx, Pteranodon, Protoceratops,
Pinacosaurus, a baby Maiasaura...

Here's a list of  displayed fossils (I'll sure forget some):

Plateosaurus (the only Triassic critter)
Stegosaurus stenops (little; the orientation of the spikes is likely
Diplodocus carnegiei (a very nice piece with preserved belly ribs)
Brachiosaurus (only a neck vertebra)
Othnielia rex ("Barbara", from the Aathal museum, just back from Tokyo :)
Allosaurus fragilis (a beautiful skeleton, the piece I preferred in the
Triceratops (the most impressive one IMO)
Lesothosaurus (partial skull)
Iberomesornis (the most badly displayed one, small and dark, difficult to
Pterodactylus (very small)
eggs, probably from titanosaurs
skin patches of a sauropod

and of course, the Belgian stuff from the Natural Sciences museum
Iguanodon bernissartensis (partially prepared, + the whole collection in the
usual room)
Iguanodon atherfieldensis (in its historical kangaroo-like position)
Hainosaurus (from the limestone LK near Mons)
Chitracephalus dumonii (turtle from the Bernissart "cran")
Bernissartia fagesii (little croc from the Bernissart "cran")
Goniopholis simus (bigger croc from the Bernissart "cran", but you'll have
to go to the Igs room to find it)

Now a bit of my feelings... As surprising as this can be, I've never had the
occasion to go to a museum to see dinos before, because that's only 2 years
I'm very interested in paleontology. Useless to say it's not the last time.
I'll surely go back there, with a sketch book and some pencils this time.
It's really helpful to see the real things. The big sauropods surely were
quite elegant animals.

Cheers - Aspidel.