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Re: Dinosaur Genera List update #196

Original Message by Jaime A. Headden
Sunday, 29 December 2002 18:57

>   But whales have, as in all mammals, median elements that were originally
> not paired,

Wrong. The mammalian sternum is, as detailed in the description of 
*Zhangheotherium*, a composite of interclavicle + manubrium sterni + 
sternebrae (+ xiphisternal stuff); the manubrium represents the plain usual 
sterna seen in dinosaurs and elsewhere, but pretty small and fused. In whales 
they are secondarily pretty big. Don't ask me where the sternebrae come from.

> paired xiphisternal bones.

No such thing. Even though PDW interpreted the real sterna as xiphisternal 

> Do you have a citation for the above?

For the slit in whale sterna? No, instead I've seen many whale skeletons. 3 
are hanging in the university, and in Monaco I saw lots more.