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Re: pterosaurs, bats, flying theropods

Dino Guy Ralph wrote:
> I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, as I haven't been keeping
> up with this high volume thread, but the greater noctule bat (_Nyctalus
> lasiopterus) of Europe regularly feeds on nocturnally migrating
> passerine birds.  This was revealed by analyzing over 14,000 fecal
> pellets.  No other bat has been documented to feed so frequently on
> birds, and this bat apparently catches birds in flight, unlike other
> bird snatching bats.

Australian ghost bats (our largest 'microbats') also occasionally prey
on birds, although I'm not sure whether this is done on a regular basis.
They like to eat other bats as well, and the occasional small
terrestrial mammal if I remember correctly.


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