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Re: WWD Previews

Jaime Headden wrote-

The host is Nigel Marvin, thankfully, host of Nigel's Wild World on Discovery, and by far a better ecologist than the oft-maligned (yet oddly almost deserving) Irwin.

And yet I think far more people want to see Steveo take on a tyrannosaur in the next Jurassic Park fiasco. "Ain't she a beaut'?" *cramk* "Gahhhh!!!!"

I really liked the *Therizinosaurus* model, but
the *Mononykus* is down-right ugly. The arms of the former appear to have been modelled after Greg Paul's skeleton's posture, which I contend would not have been able to flex the wrist and elbow to
such a degree.

I only ask, "Where are the feathers?" I think the semi-vertical body posture of _Nothronychus_ in WDRA seemed more realistic than the horizontal posture in the WWD model. The page on _Velociraptor_ mentions the discovery of juvenile dromaeosaurids in an oviraptorid nest. Aren't these supposed to be troodontid (_Byronosaurus_?)?

Anyone know when this is coming to the US...?

Nick Gardner

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