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Re: "DIG A DINO" in Brussels, Belgium

>   For more info on "Olorotitan", which is a nomen nondescribarum

Nomen what?

> there is this rather detailed Russian page (lacking in
> pictures except for a duplication of one of Greg Paul's frankly badly
> scanned drawings from PDW):
>   http://www.dvuch.febras.ru/article.php?n=186

Wow. -- I'll check if the pic is from PDW, as the hadrosaur is said to be "an 
amurosaur". The page is detailed, but about the entire history of dino 
discoveries along the Amur, not about *Olorotitan*. "Dinosauria" is 
translated as "horrible lizards". And as we all know, hadrosaurs frequently 
entered the water to escape from theropods. Aaaah.
        *Olorotitan*, the gigantic swan, is from the first half of the 
Maastrichtian, tsagayanskaya svita.

>   Yet another dinosaur, presumably a sauropod,

One might, perhaps, just perhaps, think that somewhere on that long page 
they'd write what *Olorotitan* is. They don't. %*) The fun facts about 
hadrosaurs are in the paragraph before *Olorotitan* is mentioned ("new genus 
and species"...), so maybe *Olorotitan* is yet another hadrosaur, but... I'll 
try to ask.

BTW... gulls are not Procellariiformes. They are Charadriiformes, or 
Lariformes if you like that better, but not closely related to petrels and