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digging for ptero crests

A few new soft crests of basal pterodactyloids have come to light
recently. It set me wondering about the crestless specimens. A quick
survey revealed that the crestless pterosaurs were most often slightly
buried beneath the bedding plane, that is, their sagittal plane was
beneath the matrix surface. Most had the matrix careful chipping away
right to the edge of the skull. Unfortunately that practice obviates any
chance of seeing a crest.

It also may be that there really is a clade of crestless pterosaurs. The
presence of a soft crest in Pterorhynchus and a few basal
pterodactyloids suggests that posession of a PMX crest may be basal to
the clade, and secondarily lost in certain taxa.

Any thoughts?

Also, can anybody lay their hands on a genuine Dsungaripterus
scapulocoracoid jpeg?

David Peters
St. Louis