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Re: Siberian Traps

> Update on the possible Falkland craters.

Funny. Rampino told us, in the lecture Catastrophic Geology last summer, very 
much about the P-Tr mass extinction; all the braided rivers, the fungal 
spike, the cyclostratigraphy that shows that in Austria the extinction cannot 
have lasted longer than 8,000 years, the radiolarite in Japan that suddenly 
ends and is overlain by a black shale, the fullerenes, the gigantic Siberian 
traps (which _could_ be a little older than the extinction, or was that 
younger...), the carbon cycle modeling in which turning off life produces the 
well-known carbon isotope excursion, his own opinion that an impact as the 
cause is likely though the evidence isn't too great yet, but he didn't say 
anything about craters in Falkland. He did mention the crater in Brazil which 
is decidedly too small (150 km diameter IIRC) to have triggered such an 
extinction on its own.