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Re: Siberian Traps

The Falklands "craters" sound vaguely familiar, but I think they were proposed long ago. When is the reference dated? -- Jeff Hecht

At 9:07 PM -0800 12/29/02, James R. Cunningham wrote:
I just ran across this.  Can any of you guys tell me more about it?


Update on the possible Falkland craters.

    In his book "Rogue asteroids and doomsday comets" Duncan Steel
refers to investigations by Michael Rampino (then at the Goddard
Institute of Space Studies): "The appropriate antipodal point to Siberia
(Siberian Traps 250Ma) is the Falkland plateau off Tierra del Fuego...
on that plateau Rampino has identified two sub-oceanic circular basins
with diameters of about 300km and 200km respectively. Dating the rocks
indicates the same age as the Late Permian Extinction." He cites a
Rampino paper in the book "Hazards due to Comets and Asteroids" called
"Extraterrestrial impacts and mass
extinctions" - this may contain more information.

"There is a large, circular gravity anomaly on the Falkland Plateau that
resembles anomalies associated with large impact craters.  It is quite
large; greater than 200 km in diameter."