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Re: Paleoimagery

I have the book, although I haven't had time to do more than leaf through
it. It's interesting, but be forewarned, even though it's a book on
paleoimagery, it's entirely in black and white, which was a bit of a
    There's 36 chapters in the book, discussing practically all aspects of
paleoimagery, from the symbolic to the scientific, with chapters on
Zallinger, Burian, Hawkins, the Jonas studio and others, as well as chapters
on particular species and controversies and difficulties surrounding their
restoration. There are also some discussions of the popularized aspects of
paleoimagery, Las Vegas, animatronics, etc. a la Donald Glut's book of some
years ago (Glut wrote the intro to this one, but this one isn't primarily
about popular imagery) It seems well written and very well researched, with
notes, a bibliography and index, and a lot of reproductions of art by
artists I'd only heard of in the past. I relly can't wait to read it, I just
have to find the time. And I wish some of it, at least, was in color.