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Re: Giant Mexican Pliosaur

The link from the original Der Spiegel story (with a picture of the
site) is here:


(For decent translations to either English or French, you can use
Babel Fish - http://babel.altavista.com/)

According to the original story, it doesn't even look like they've
even gotten it back to the museum yet - the crates won't arrive in
Germany until next week.  The museum's web site (in German only) is

Toni Geoly
Falls Church, VA

--- Danvarner@aol.com wrote:
Can anyone shed some light on this BBC story?


Supposedly a fairly complete (20 m) Liopleurodon ferox has been found
NE Mexico and is being prepared in Germany? I'm surprised to hear of
Jurassic age marine deposits in that part of Mexico.... which
apparently included "smaller aquatic reptiles known as ichthyosaurs,
which it may have snacked on."

Really strange!

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