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Re: Siberian Traps

Steve Brusatte wrote:
> Ken Carpenter wrote, quoting "Frank"

> >Americans, at least, don't like slow, subtle processes. They like
> >glamorous, fast, easy kill mechanisms. What better than asteroids that
> >strike like the Swift Sword of Death from above?
> I don't know if this is supposed to be facetious, or if "Frank" is > honestly 
> speaking the truth.  If it is the latter, this is a pretty > serious claim 
> that, truthfully, I believe to be quite absurd.

Though I'm skeptical about the Falkland impacts, speaking as a rather
provincial American; I admit to hoping that all the postulated asteroid
extinctions are real for one very simple reason.  We have the technology
in hand now to prevent asteroid impacts in the future, as soon as we
have our surroundings mapped well enough to give us about a century of
warning. We can stop that type of mass extinction cold turkey (with the
exception of the occasional rare interstellar interloper).  Insofar as I
know, we do not have the present capability to prevent other sources of
mass extinction.  If this attitude is an American cultural phenomenon
that makes me glamorous, please tell all the cute girls in my
neighborhood -- they haven't noticed yet.

Best wishes to all with hope for peace and tolerance during the coming