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Re: Birds and pornography

And if so, it is just one more reason that these closer coelurosaurs should be classified as birds. The cladistic definition may eventually *force* cladists to include maniraptors in Aves!! The closer the eclectic Aves (apomorphy-based) and cladistic Aves end up in content, the better off we will all be once the dust has settled. Anyway, I am really looking forward to Greg Paul's book.
------ Cheers, Ken
David Marjanovic wrote:
And Thulborn (1984) and HP Paul (PDW, 1988, SVP meeting abstract, 2001, and Dinosaurs of the Air, in press), who think that other coelurosaurs are closer to Ornithurae/Ornithothoraces/Pygostylia than Archie.

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