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Re: Fwd: feathered pterosaur???

In a message dated Thu, 31 Jan 2002  1:04:17 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Tetanurae@aol.com writes:

<<Forwarded from Vertpaleo. A note though, after reading the article, it 
appears as though the pterosaur feathers they refer to are really the hair-like 
structures found in pterosaurs like Sordes from Qazaqstan. Reagrdless, it 
sounds like an extraordinary specimen.>>

A number of times, the article refers to the structures as "ancient feathers".  
Perhaps they were going for "protofeathers"?

--Nick P.

> Forwarded Message:--------------------
> One of my colleagues just came across this news story from a Chinese
> newspaper about a newly discovered feathered pterosaur.  Feathered
> pterosaur???!?? Aren't they supposed to be archosaurs, but not dinosaurs?
> Does anyone know anything about this?
> http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/200201/29/eng20020129_89638.shtml