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Enlighted on bird evolution

I'm quickly getting enlighted, too. Archeopteryx exists to prevent
intellectual boredom - you can invent so many new ideas about it.

Mine is that at some point of evolution bird ancestors were ground-living
theropods which escaped predators by climbing trees. The animal jumped,
used elongated forelimbs with claws to hook the clump of lowest branches
(long fingers spread the weight on thin branches) and pushed the body
forward with downward-stroke motion of forelimbs so that hindlimbs could
reach support - this is movement remarkably similar to the modern bird
"pushing" itself through the air.  The support is the behaviour of poorly
flying terrestial birds, like Galliformes, which live on the ground and
flutter up the tree when threatened - like common chicken flying to perch
in the evening. Small animal on thin branches has an advantage over big