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Re: feathered pterosaur???

"Chinese paleontologists put forward for the first time the hypothesis that
pterosaur's feather and dinosaur's ancient feather are of the same origin
according to their similarity, and further inferred that they have the same
ancestor. "

Oh dear.  I know a few people who are going to get VERY excited at that
idea.  (And I'm not certain it's the first time that particular hypothesis
has been advanced, even in print.)

On another topic...  I have no problem with citing (or "hinting" at)
research or work-in-progress that one has received by word of mouth.
However, it might be better to avoid "name-dropping" when doing so.  Sure,
mention that someone is working on a certain project, and that a publication
is in the pipeline (even "in press"); but I can see good reasons for
refraining from mentioning the identity of the researcher.  I don't have
anybody in mind when saying this; I've done it too.  But Pete Buchholz makes
a good point.  Statements that begin with "so-and-so told me..." are very
difficult to discuss any further, because (a) the supporting data are not
available to the general public; (b) disagreeing with the statement on the
basis of published or available data could be construed as criticizing the
researcher; and (c) "so-and-so" may not be on the list to defend