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RE: New name for Syntarsus

I wrote: 

> The journal is "Insecta MuNdi" 

Michael Ivie replied:

>Hey, its a peer reviewed journal, with reviewers who seem to know the
>ICZN better than you do.

No doubt.  The point of my comment was to correct the spelling mistake in
your post (Insecta Mudi --> Insecta Mundi)...

>Ivie, M. A., S. A. Slipinski, And P. Wegrzynowicz. 2001. Generic 
>homonyms in the Colydiinae (Coleoptera: Zopheridae). Insecta Mudi 

... in case anybody was searching for a journal entitled "Insecta Mudi" and
couldn't find it - the journal title is "Insecta Mundi".  I wasn't being
pedantic, and I wasn't casting aspersions on the journal (which, as a
professional biologist, I've had cause to pick up once or twice) - it's just
that searching for citations often requires the *exact* title of a journal.

Just trying to help.  



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