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Re: New name for Syntarsus

In a message dated 2/1/02 10:18:49 AM, TiJaWi@agron.iastate.edu writes:

<< (2) _Syntarsus_ Fairmaire 1869 would seem to qualify as a _nomen oblitum_ -

just like _Centrosaurus_ Fitzinger 1843 and _Ceratops_ Rafinesque 1815

before it. >>

I think it's safe to say that _Syntarsus_ is *not* a _nomen oblitum_.

Rob Gay wrote:

<<And I would like to say, if for nothing else, that this new name is really 
ugly, and a lot harder to pronounce than _Syntarsus_. >>

Aethetics and ease of pronunciation are not (and should not) be a 
consideration when naming new taxa. The replacement name _Megapnosaurus_ is 
as "good" a name as _Syntarsus_.

Caitlin R. Kiernan