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Re: New name for Syntarsus

Mike Taylor wrote:

>The Fonzie joke was a 
> laugh-out-loud-on-Friday-afternoon one!  (Or maybe that's just because 
> I had three beers at lunch ... :-) 

Alas, I'm still on my midday coffee (which has yet to kick in - damnit,
hurry up!!  I have a report to write!!).

The Fonzi reference was to help remember the title _Insecta Mundi_.  (It
certainly helps me, since my Latin is deplorable.)  To Mike (both of you),
thanks for being a good sport :-)  The Iowa State Library has the journal,
so I'll pop over when that issue comes in and check the derivation of
_Megapnosaurus_.  Could it have something to do with the huge fenestra in
the skull...?



Timothy J. Williams 

USDA/ARS Researcher 
Agronomy Hall 
Iowa State University 
Ames IA 50014