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Re: New name for Syntarsus

OK, you are the third person to ask about the derivation, so I will post
it here. It derives from a long-running joke
between the two groups of systematic zoologists here at Montana State,
Jack Horner's dino people and my beetle people.  Jack saw the derivation
before submission, and thought it was funny, and told us to go ahead with

"ETYMOLOGY: This turn of events requires a new name, and although S.
rhodesiensis is described inside the cover of the 1996 volume 3 of the
journal SYNTARSUS as "a small carnivorous dinosaur," and although as good
and loyal phylogeneticists, we understand that it was really not on the
lizard lineage, at the scale of an entomologist, it looks like a big dead
lizard. So, in what may well be the first name for a dinosaur ever
proposed in an entomological journal, we propose the replacement name
Megapnosaurus Ivie, Slipinski and Wegrzynowicz  NEW REPLACEMENT NAME
(masculine) as a replacement for Syntarsus Raath 1969 [not Fairmaire
1869].  Derived from the Greek megas (big) apnoos (dead) and sauros
(lizard), this moniker seems highly appropriate for this animal."

On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Williams, Tim wrote:

> Mike Taylor wrote:
> >The Fonzie joke was a 
> > laugh-out-loud-on-Friday-afternoon one!  (Or maybe that's just because 
> > I had three beers at lunch ... :-) 
> Alas, I'm still on my midday coffee (which has yet to kick in - damnit,
> hurry up!!  I have a report to write!!).
> The Fonzi reference was to help remember the title _Insecta Mundi_.  (It
> certainly helps me, since my Latin is deplorable.)  To Mike (both of you),
> thanks for being a good sport :-)  The Iowa State Library has the journal,
> so I'll pop over when that issue comes in and check the derivation of
> _Megapnosaurus_.  Could it have something to do with the huge fenestra in
> the skull...?
> Tim   
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