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Re: Birds and pornography

> The cladistic definition may eventually
> *force* cladists to include maniraptors in Aves!!

Then so be it.

> The closer the eclectic
> Aves (apomorphy-based)

That's yours, not "the eclectic" one. Benton's has another apomorphy
(asymmetric wing feathers).

> and cladistic Aves end up in content,
> the better off we will all be once the dust has settled.

Then let's wait that e. g. my data matrix starts to look like something...
:-] (I've hardly been able to work on it since I posted "Matrix 3.2".)

You think this dust will ever settle!?! Every new fossil and every new
analysis produces more and more dust! I think we can't wait for that and
should have a classification system that can actually represent the dusty
air. You know what I mean :-)