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Re: Theory Sez Flight Evolution Linked To Parental Care

Jaime A. Headden wrote:
<<Uhm ... does anyone recall Hopp and Orsen's presentation at DinoFest on the 
brooding (parenting) precursor to avian flight hypothesis? They posit, if 
anyone does not recall, that the act of brooding influenced the length of the 
feathers, asymmetry, wing-folding, etc..>>

Well, it had to happen. Mark and I have been cursed by fate as far as 
publishing this theory, and now it looks like a partial scoop is in progress. 
Oh well, I've lived through such before. My anti-thanks must go to the 
Dinofest editors, now running nearly four years late, and to certain east 
coast journal editors who seem intent on catching up to them by slowing down. 
One of these days, I think I will just bundle up our poster manuscript from 
1998, turn it into a PDF file, and launch it out onto the web, then forget it.

Regarding what little we have heard about Carey's theory, it's not quite the 
same as the Orsen/Hopp concept. By claiming a middle ground between arborial 
and cursorial theories, Carey probably gets everybody mad at him over one 
thing or another. Hopp&Orsen, on the other hand come down squarely, and in no 
uncertain terms, in favor of the cursorial concept of Ostrom and others. 
Still, knowing that future references to "feathers got long for brooding" 
will probably cite Carey, not us, as first to raise the issue, is 
frustrating. There is of course, always Jeff Hecht's news coverage of our 
Dinofest presentation in New Scientist in 1998 ("Let me take you under my 
wing") but that's not a peer reviewed article by Hopp and Orsen, is it?

-Tom Hopp