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Re: Support for Enigmosauria

David Marjanovic wrote-

> >   (2) coracoid glenoid convex.
> AFAIK that's true of crocodiles, but I can hardly imagine that in a
> dinosaur. Does it exist?

Apparently so.  Sereno (1999) uses it for his "Maniraptora" (=
Oviraptorosauria + Paraves), which is equivalent to the mauled Aves Ken is
trying to support.  As I wrote in July-
- coracoid glenoid convex
This is a valid character, as Gorgosaurus, Gallimimus, Therizinosaurus and
Segnosaurus have concave or flat glenoids, while Caudipteryx, Microvenator,
Chirostenotes and Deinonychus have convex glenoids.  He codes alvarezsaurids
inaccurately though as Patagonykus appears to have a convex surface and
Mononykus is said to (Perle, et al., 1994).

> Unless you tell us of more characters that _positively_ place segnosaurs
> somewhere else, and not just _negatively_ place them _not_ as sister to
> Oviraptorosauria sensu lato, even the 2 characters you mentioned would
> "Enigmosauria" together in cladistic analyses AFAIK. Bootstrap support
> might be very weak, but it still would be most parsimonious.

Look here- http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/2001Jul/msg00242.html
for seven good characters and five more possible characters that Ken could
use to support his position.  Of course, enigmosaur characters outnumber

Mickey Mortimer