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Re: Grand update, for those interested

Øyvind M. Padron wrote-

> Therizinosaur special page:
> http://the_dinosauria.tripod.com/therizinosaurs.html
> I hope i can get some feedback,
> good, negative, constructive, ?destructive

Enigmosaurus + Erlikosaurus can't be supported as being a clade because
there are no comparable parts in both, so synapomorphies cannot be
The "unnamed clade" with Nanshiungosaurus is, um, Nanshiungosaurus.
Good looking skeletal reconstructions, if a bit misleading as to the
completeness of partially preserved elements.
Parts missing for Neimongosaurus (but illustrated as present) include
several cervical ribs, dorsals past 8, caudals after 22, any manual
elements, fibula, tarsus, pedal digit I and pedal phalanx III-3.  The
furcula is known though.
Nanshiungosaurus? bohlini differs from N. brevispinus by lacking cervical
ribs?!  It has them, fused to the centra.  I assume N. brevispinus does too,
but can't tell due to photocopy quality and the Chinese description.
See http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/2000Oct/msg00112.html
Only one dorsal is known from Nothronychus.
Nice Paul-esque illustration.

Mickey Mortimer