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Re: Theory Sez Flight Evolution Linked To Parental Care

From: "Jeff Hecht" <jeff.hecht@sff.net>
> I've seen Carey's paper, and it postulates a series of evolutionary 
> steps, starting with beaks evolving as a "point source" to feed young 
> and manipulate things to build a nest. Feathers then evolved to 
> preserve body heat, long forearms with long feathers evolved for 
> brooding (you're not cited). Then the feathered dinosaurs climbed the 
> trees to escape nest predators, and started flapping on the way down.
> It is not persuasive. For starters, other reptiles have beaks, 
> including turtles, which the last I looked were not airborne.

And AFAIK feathered dinosaurs didn't always have a beak.
Friendly - Luc J. "Aspidel" BAILLY.