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Re: Megapnosaurus, Geosternbergia, and ethics

Dear All,
I'm not going to comment on the "ethics" of this (we may not know all the facts anyway). It would probably have been much better if Raath had been informed (I guess that we are assuming that he was not, but has this been established?).
Several years after _Sternbergia_ (a genus or subgenus of pterosaur) had been named (by a Dr. Miller), I discovered that it was preoccupied and contacted him immediately. We then discovered it was actually doubly preoccupied. To make a long story short, Miller renamed his pterosaur Geosternbergia, and I got mentioned in the paper, and everybody was happy. That is the best way to handle such things. This was back in my college days, but I was already deeply into ICZN stuff.
But it's too late to cry excessively over spilt milk in the Syntarsus case, and as Tom Holtz indicated, what's done is done. But hopefully this will help deter this from happening in the future (again, assuming Raath was not actually notified).
----- Cheers, Ken

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