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Re: enantiornithean bird families

Ken Kinman wrote-

>      When I posted my recently proposed avian classification, there was
> discontent expressed that I put all the enantiornitheans in one family
> Enantiornithidae.  I have decided that it would indeed be better to
> recognize more than one family, so I am here proposing to recognize three
> families in clade 11 (as follows):
>    11  Iberomesornithidae
>     B  Enantiornithidae
>     C  Gobipterygidae
>       I should note that Kurochkin, 1996, for some odd reason renamed
> Iberomesornithidae as Concornithidae, but this was pretty clearly
> unnecessary.  He also uses the name Alexornithidae, but Gobipterygidae has
> priority.
>       As usual any constructive comments are welcomed.

You don't even want to go there......
"Enantiornithines" are such a mess right now, most certainly not
monophyletic (at least in their currently recognized form) and pretty much
based on lots of symplesiomorphies found in pygostylians or
post-Confuciusornis birds.  Dividing them into families now is futile,
Kurochkin's phylogeny has massive problems, to put it lightly.  I'm entering
the following into my new analysis as separate OTU's to ascertain their
relationships- Protopteryx, Longipteryx, Jibeinia, Eoenantiornis, Sinornis,
Iberomesornis, Concornis, Eoalulavis, Spanish nestling, Gobipteryx,
Neuquenornis and Avisaurus.  We'll see what happens.

Mickey Mortimer