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Re: New name for Syntarsus

> [...]
> the whole tribe of gentle, humble toads (genus _Bufo_, family Bufonidae)
> (or may not; take your pick) claim existence by way of a not-so-subtle,
> indeed vicious, stab (by a well-placed rival) against the late-18th
> naturalist, the Count of Bufon.

Can't tell either whether that's a pun; that naturalist's name is Georges
Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon, unless I've forgotten another 5 first names

Isn't there an entelodont named after someone's museum director, *Dinohyus
hollandi*? Normally naming an animal after someone is an honor for that
person, but in case of an entelodont... hm. (Called killer pigs in Walking
with Beasts.)