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Re: Neimongosaurus

Ken Kinman wrote-

>      I should probably wait for a "Details on" posting, but I am just
> wondering if there is any possibility that Neimongosaurus might not be
> better viewed as an independent genus (plesion if you will) between a
> segnosaur clade and an caenagnathiform clade?
>       Is there anything striking about it that unequivocally restricts it
> the segnosaur clade?

Last post of the day...... (I've gotten several more characters revised in
my analysis though)

Yes, many distinctly segnosaurian characters-
1. teeth with course serrations
2. posterior cervical zygopophyses X-shaped in dorsal view
3. posterior tubercle on humerus
4. distinctive expanded distal humerus with condyles like Erlikosaurus
5. preacetabular process deflected laterally
6. tibia shorter than femur
7. metatarsus short (34% of tibial length)
8. metatarsal I articulates with tarsus

I agree with Zhang et al. that it seems about Alxasaurus grade.  Characters
3, 6, 7 and 8 are all more derived than Beipiaosaurus.

Mickey Mortimer