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Re: Etymology of Caenagnathus--a final comment

In a message dated 2/3/02 1:16:51 AM Eastern Standard Time, bh480@scn.org 

> I came across the thread 
>  concerning the suggested, and apparently baffling, 
>  etymology kain- "recent" + a "not, without" + gnath- "jaw" 
>  + -us, supposedly meaning "recent jawless one". I 
>  immediately sent my own comments explaining that the more 
>  likely etymology was Greek kaine "recent" (feminine form 
>  of the adjective) + Greek gnathos "jaw" (a feminine noun 
>  when by itself). 

All right, all right.  I have been duly corrected.  But I'm *not* the first 
to come up with the "recent jawless" story.

--Nick P.