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Re: New name for Syntarsus

In a message dated 2/1/02 8:03:07 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
rob@dinodomain.com writes:

<< And I would like to say, if for nothing else, that this new name is really
 ugly, and a lot harder to pronounce than _Syntarsus_. Considering my
 thoughts on the validity of those two species being in a different genera
 from _Coelophysis_ (despite what other listers may think), this would have
 seemed to present a perfect opportunity for change...oh well, another day
 then ;). >>

Since this is so distressing, I suggest someone refer the species 
Megapnosaurus rhodesiensis to the genus Coelophysis without further delay; 
the type species of the genera Coelophysis and Megapnosaurus are certainly 
similar enough to warrant doing so. Then Megapnosaurus would be sunk as a 
junior subjective synonym of Coelophysis and expunged from the roster of 
actively available dinosaur names. That seems to be the only way to rid 
dinosaur paleontology of this name. At the same time, we might also consider 
creating a new genus for Megapnosaurus kayentakatae (which I happen to know 
the describer once planned to do).

By the way, I find this situation, and the name Megapnosaurus, >most< 
amusing. Dino listers should know that there is >another< well-known theropod 
name that was recently found to be preoccupied. A nomenclatural note is 
currently in the works, and I will say no more about this (I promised the 
discoverer I wouldn't identify the name on the genera list until he/she said 
it was okay, and I won't do so here, either).