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Re: "Fossil Names Don't Live Forever"

George Olshevsky wrote-

> Hey, this is a pretty good article, and I am inspired to ask the following
> little question: Which dinosaur species has been given the greatest number
> different generic names? Off the top of my head, I can think of six for
> is currently called Anatotitan copei: Trachodon, Thespesius, Diclonius,
> Anatosaurus, Edmontosaurus, and Anatotitan.
> Everything counts: synonyms, renamings, and referrals.

I'm thinking Massospondylus carinatus-
= Leptospondylus capensis Owen 1854
= Pachyspondylus orpenii Owen 1854
= Hortalotarsus skirtopodus Seeley 1894
= Thecodontosaurus browni Huene 1906
= Aetonyx palustris Broom 1911
= Gryponyx africanus Broom 1911
= Gyposaurus capensis Broom 1911
= Aristosaurus erectus Hoepen 1920
= Dromicosaurus gracilis Hoepen 1920
= Anchisaurus capensis Galton and Cluver 1976
= Plateosaurus carinatus Paul 1988
That's twelve genera.

Mickey Mortimer