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this time really final comment on Etymology of Caenagnathus

> > and I'd never have guessed that gnathos is feminine. (Why is it?
> >  :-o )
> Just is.  There are a few Greek feminines with stems in -o-; hodos 'road,
> way' is another.

I see.

> Latin has some, too--particularly names of trees.

That's to a certain degree logical (religious reasons -- nymphs or so in
every tree).

> As I'm
> sure you're well aware (though there may be others out there who aren't),
> grammatical gender in languages that have it is an abstract quality, not
> always determinable from the form of the word.

<giggle> My mother tongue is German, which has 3 genders that are next to
_never_ determinable from the form of the word (or anything else), causing
constant pain to almost every single non-native speaker I know =8-)